Saturday, May 30, 2009


Arrived in Quilpie itself after 14 hours driving over 2 days. Feeling great and ready to head fro Bunginderry - another 80kms - but stopped off first a a new restaurant in town which has been set up by Lou Dowling-Manns. Called Fresh on Brolga. It is fabulous. Great food. Wonderful coffee - not always easy to find in the west. While having lunch, the Camp cook, Dee Crotty came in and saw me. You run into people easily in the outback. She needed some help to load supplies from a local cold room so I packed my vehicle to the hilt. Saw a great local exhibition by Quilpie artists Leah Cameron and Ben Hall. Then set off for Bunginderry. Met by Stephen and Bella, Skye, the nanny and the Tully tribe - Lachlan, Sophia, Harriet, Hugo and Eve. They are pictured above. Lesley Cowper, an artist from Longreach was there and Bella was keen to show us the studio that Stephen is building her. Amazing space about 8m x 8m. Every artist would love it. Stephen is one of those amazing bushies who can do anything, fix anything and invent whatever is needed. The great thing about Stephen is that he does everything so well. have a look at the studio - above. Then, dinner with the family and a few wines and off to bed. Slept well after the long journey.

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