Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting Ready for Artists Camp

I would like this blog to be a space for artists who paint landscape all over the world and especially in remote places to discuss their work and their use of media and what to expect when you travel to a new destination. I am lucky in visiting the outback and the tip of Australia each year and regularly travel to Antarctica to work and paint.

Lots of excitment at the moment as I get ready to head out to the bush for our next Artists' Camp.

My friend, artist Annabel Tully lives and works on Bunginderry, a cattle and sheep property west of Quilpie. Each year, and sometimes twice a year, Annabel holds one of her popular Artists Camps. All artists, from experienced painters to beginners are invited to come to Bunginderry for a week to share the experience of painting the surrounding country, including the Grey Range and Channel Country of western Queensland.

Annabel has made this a great retreat for artists who love the outback. We stay in a basic but comfortable shearers’ quarters which has a huge common area. Each day we visit a different place on the property to paint in the open air (see my paintings of Bunginderry above). My part is to facilitate the five day artists’ camp. I have painted with Annabel in western Queensland and appeared with her in the television documentary series, Painting Australia. The Artists' Camp is either a workshop for those who would like to paint in the media used by both Annabel and me – found ochres and natural pigments – or each artist can choose to work independently in their preferred media. Everyone is also given a one-day workshop in printmaking. It is an opportunity for artists to work with and learn from each other and to use new media in their work.

We have a great time. Contact me if you are interested in attending at any time.
As I get ready to go, I will be showing some of Annabel's paintings of her homeland.

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