Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great day today as I make final preparations to head west to Bunginderry for our annual Artists' Camp. Out at Bunginderry, they have been flat out all week, getting the quarters ready and planning the five day itinerary. Stephen has killed a beast to help feed us for week, but also for meat for the property. He makes his own sausages, which are really tasty.
And five little Tullys - Lachlan, Sophia, Harriet, Hugo and Eve will be getting very excited. They love the company and the change from routine that the artists bring with them.
On Saturday, Dee, the Camp cook will arrive. Dee is from a property south of Quilpie. She produces wonderful food and is a great storyteller. Adds to the enjoyment of the week.
You will have noticed above, five paintings by Annabel and myself. They are, from top, Noel's Boulders (my work), Coonbarry Creek (Annabel's), White's Tank (Annabel), Gerard's Lookout (mine) and The Ram's Paddock (again mine). This is just some of the diversity of Bunginderry that allows us to paint in a different place every day and produce very different canvasses from one day to the next. It is such a beautiful place. Desley Rolph (see below) was over at my home on Tuesday for a cuppa and she said once again that she likes to be back in Brisbane but she longs to just walk out the door and be back in Bunginderry. The trouble is that there are over a 1,000 kilometres between us and there. So tomorrow and the following day, I am in for a long, long drive. I will be in touch from the outback - from Bunginderry.
If you have any questions at any time, pleas leave a comment, or email me on Any artists who paint en plein air anywhere in the world are welcome to send me their work and tell their story of a painting adventure.

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