Thursday, May 21, 2009

Something about Annabel

I told you about my friend Annabel who owns Bunginderry near Quilpie. That's about 12 hours drive from Brisbane - if you are Annabel. And about 14 hours for the rest of us.
This is one of her paintings of Bunginderry.
It is called: North Bunginderry
Bunginderry provides endless beautiful subjects for artists and I am always amazed at how each of us sees it differently and interprets it differently. I love Annabels' work. We have travelled around the outback together in the past painting as we go. And she produces wonderful work using found ochres and natural pigments as I do. But I always think her paintings of her homeland are especially beautiful and touched with a love that only she can paint. (By this stage she of course will be making motions as if she is puking, but it is true.)
Before I get to Bunginderry for the Camp next week, I am showing you some of the artists who have painted it. When I am there next week, I am planning to post our progress each day and introduce you to a new group of painters. The excitement is mounting for us. Some of us are going back for the third time (for me the eighth wonderful time) and we have a great cook, Dee who is from the west. I want you to meet her as well. One of those wonderful people that come from the bush. You will meet her next week.
Let me tell you a little about Bella. She is a young mum of five children, all under 8 if my memory serves me, and they are full of life. Bella and Stephen try to make sure they do not miss out on much being in the bush and of course, they have so many skills as kids who have to participate in a full life of a busy sheep and cattle station. Stephen, as a Tully, is related to the Duracks, a famous rural family from early settlement. You can read all about them by searching the name Durack. mary Durack wrote the Australian classic "Kings in Grass Castles". So he has a love of the outback that is all-encompassing. An incredible love that he expresse so well. At night we sometimes sit around and Stephen tells us stories of the area. I will relate some of them next week as well. They are a great couple who love to shae their lives and their home with those of us who love to paint it.
If you would like to see more of Bella's work, you can go to where you can also buy her work. Annabel has just won second prize at the Waltzing Matilda Art Awards in Winton.

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  1. I can't believe I have only just checked out more of Annabel's work.

    It is always amazing to see the different points of view and styles of different artis painting in one place. I had always assumed you and Bella had similar styles, from the few pieces I had seen, but I see now not only a different approach to colour, but also the other more abstract pieces, like the Headwaters pieces, which I really love.