Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A couple of pieces I painted

Not much to say here. Just wanted to show you a couple of canvasses I have painted while here. having such a wonderful time and the added thrill of being able to put out a couple of pieces makes my life even more wonderful.
This is the piece I painted on the first day. The rainy day - looking from the shed. What amazed me is that the light mutes the colours and immediately affects my palate. I remember two years ago, arriving at Idalia National Park - west of Blackall -on a rainy day. The same thing happened and this canvas reminds me of that piece.

This is my painting from the White Hill at Bunginderry. This is a small study as you can see. I used it to demonstrate the techniques of painting with found ochres and natural pigments. To my great joy my three students today gave it a go and did really well. I am totally happy with this study and hope to translate it to a much bigger work - possibly a triptych.

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