Friday, June 5, 2009

The Final Day - heading home wih heavy heart

Today is day five. The final day of painting. Dee is preparing the farewell feast although we said goodbye to Lesley this morning.

Today we decided to cut past the drama and head back to the White HiIl where we knew we would not be bogged. Also we decided to paint it from a different aspect.
Tomorrow the ladies from Adelaide depart for a two day drive home via Broken Hill. It has been a joy to share the experiences of the past week with them. We know they will be back. We all come back to Bunginderry. But words cannot describe how artists who have never been here before feel. The emotion, the elation, the excitement, just the experience. Words are never enough for the feelings.
So we had one last day. Started early and finished mid afternoon so we could get the ladies packed. They had to leave their car out near the road - 16 kms away - because of the rain so we took most of the gear out this afternoon and they will be ferried out tomorrow morning for a 7am start. For me, it is also an early start and a 14 hour drive back to Brisbane by tomorrow night.
The ladies got straight into it today. But not without a visit from the emus again.
Then to work on three wonderful works of art. Here is Lucy final work. Her best for the week according to all of us and she agrees.
Mariana attempted two works and finished this one. You can see the style she developed by yesterday is filtering through. Great achievement.

And Rocio took on the challenge to paint a diptych which is the biggest work she has ever done. It is evocative of the rebirth of this country after the rain. Great painting.
And here is my interpretation. back to my strong palette. Not totally in love with the sky. But a nice piece.

So we leave Bunginderry until the next Camp with a photo of Lesley looking at the wire wall. This is an ongoing instillation whereby artists pick up pieces of wire and old items around the property and bring them back to hang them on the laundry wall.
I am off to Sweden on Sunday. Will continue from there. See you soon.

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