Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day Three - Finally out in the open air at the White Hill

Great joy today at the Bunginderry Artists' Camp. The weather has cleared and we were able to get out the main track out of Bunginderry to a place they call the White Hill. And the ground was dry enough to drive off and get up close and personal with the Hill. And personal we did. As you can see below we climbed to the top of the mountain where the view to the Grey Ranges is spectacular. I also think it is important to go up to the landscape you are about to paint, pay your respects to the place and closely examine the colours that make up what you are viewing from a distance. It changes your whole perspective on using colour and line.
Lots of pics tonight and less words. I want you to enjoy what we did without too much direction but I also am dying to get to dinner and eat the terrific Indian meal that Dee has prepared. We are so lucky to have excellent catering and great company for our meals.

But first - why is Lesley laying on her back waving her legs in the air. This is the way to attract the curious emus. You can see them close by. Give it a try some time.
And then they continued to check us out during the morning.

Her is Rocio out in the bush painting her heart out.
And this was the wonderful result. We had to come back to the shed to paint in the afternoon because there were a few showers around. But that was fine. It made me aware that the Adelaide ladies were perhaps a little overwhelmed by their first experience painting n the bush.

Not so Lesley, who owns a property herself with her husband Andy, outside of Aramac. Look it up on Google. Their place is Merino Downs.

Lesley did two paintings today. This one is a painting of the claypans with the Ranges in the distance. Wonderful piece.

And this is her interpretation of the White Hill. Go back to the top image to see the real thing and understand how it has inspired each artist.

Lucy is a wonderful person. Every camp should have a Lucy. Here she is enshrouded in her fly veil This is the time when the flies are least in numbers. She would hate it here in summer.
And here is her finished piece.
And finally today. Mariana paints in the outback.
And produced this great work. Tomorrow, we hope to go to the boulders. sometimes known as Noel's Boulders, other times as Miller's Marbles. Obviously, they are my favourite place to paint on Bunginderry.

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