Monday, June 1, 2009

First Day's Paintings

Here I am at work on a couple of paintings, using them to demonstrate using found ochres and natural pigments. Not finished yet. Both Bella and I paint in this media and we introduce other artists to us at Bunginderry. We mix the ochres and ground pigments with an acrylic binder and water and paint in the wet on wet method. Two of our artists at the Camp - Lucy and Mariana - tried out this media which is brand new to them. They both did a great job.
By the way, before you read this, you should skip to the blog below and read it first. I am new to this blogging and have put them in the wrong order.

We have seen some great work on the first day. Once we get outside to paint it will be even better. Lesley (above) is painting the scene from the back of the shearing shed into the yards. She has two paintings under way. Both the same scene. One is more abstracted. Lesly is a fabric artist which informs a lot of her work.

Lucy completed two paintings. This is one of them. It was her first time using the media, as I have said. Her work is soft and sensitive and related well to the local landscape. We all had fun with the light as it constantly changed on this rainy day, muting the colours of Bunginderry.

Mariana's first piece in the new media reminded me of Fred Williams. Wonderful piece. She has a great touch with the brush.

Rocio (pron: Rosio with a soft "s") stayed with familiar territory painting in acrylics and produced this wonderful painting looking out the shed doors. All four artists were peering out from the dark of the shed at the same rain-drenched country and all produced very different but very beautiful work. She is a great colourist.

The photos below show you the views outside the shed that provided our inspiration. Now, it's off to dinner for me. Tomorrow, we are going to do some printmaking. All looking forward to that.

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