Monday, June 1, 2009

Day One at Bunginderry Artists' Camp

Still raining today as we got up to start our first day of painting. The rain is wonderful. 160points. Not sure how much that is in mm's. But sorely needed. Rain is a beautiful thing. So we set off to the shearing shed to paint views from the three doors.
You can see the mud and rain looking back to the homestead above. The artists are Lesley Cowper, who has been here twice before and the Barua family from Adelaide - mother is lUcy and daughters Mariana and Rocio. Great people so the first day got off to a flying start despite the problems caused by mud and rain.


  1. What can I say? Your blog is wonderful, warm, loving, it shows who you are, a true human being!!!
    I have never been so famous! We really learnt so much. We will be looking for a press and continue what you implanted in us.
    Hope you are loving Sweden.
    Mamacita Lucy

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